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The Hendry Bishop™ collection is a unique collection of fabrics that combines select styles from the Burlington® and Cone Denim® brands ranging from worsted wools to denim to performance fabrics, and innovative blends designed for the modern active lifestyle.


With no traditional paradigms or preconceived ideas about fabrics and clothing, the Hendry Bishop collection offers a unique approach to styling and design.   Freeing itself from traditional apparel paradigms, the Collection reflects that fabrics aren’t limited to one type of clothing or style.  Instead, it is the creative nuances of fabric & styling that allow clothing to transcend the definitions of the past.

Drawing from the comfort of cotton, elegance of wool, and performance of synthetics, the Hendry Bishop collection combines these substrates with advanced chemistries and sustainable processes to give apparel designers freedom of choice, function and creativity.  This unique collection constantly strives to incorporate new fiber blends & finishing technologies that complement and enhance today’s lifestyles.  Hendry Bishop — come to expect the unexpected.

  • 804 Green Valley Road, Suite 300, Greensboro, NC 27408
  • 336-379-2855
  • HendryBishop@itg-global.com

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