Cone Denim Logo with Registered MarkEstablished in 1891, Cone Denim has been a leading supplier of denim to top denim apparel brands for over 100 years. Known for its innovation, authenticity, quality and service, Cone Denim operates in the U.S., Mexico, and China. This global reach provides broader service and flexibility to customers worldwide.
The same entrepreneurial spirit, expertise and advanced capability that started with the Cone Brothers over 100 years ago continue today. Whether using its modern wide looms or vintage narrow shuttle looms, Cone Denim has the unique ability to innovate and style a wide range of denim products with distinct creativity, precision and control.
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has been proudly produced by Cone since 1896 and at our White Oak plant since 1905.  Our selvage denims are still woven on American Draper X3 fly shuttle looms from the 1940s. Fabrics woven on these vintage looms contain a depth and dimension that is completely unique. The vintage aspect of these looms combined with the fact that these machines sit on the original turn of the century wood floors, creates a rhythm and motion that is uniquely woven into these fabrics. Our loyal denim experts, some of whom have run these same machines for as many as 50 years, are committed to providing well crafted selvage fabrics, which combine our heritage with the latest advances in denim.


Cone Denim’s Sustainblue™ Collection is an environmentally friendly collection comprised of constructions using recycled cotton, recycled polyester and sustainable yarns. The companies we partnered with have received numerous award certifications for their achievements in providing fibers and yarns that have a reduce, reuse, recycle component. Each is making an effort to expand the world’s natural and man-made resources into products that we have woven and featured in our Sustainblue™ Collection.


Superior stretch, patented technology by Cone Denim®. Art meets the science of sexy in SGENE® , Cone Denim’s breakthrough collection of premium stretch technology. Typical denim it’s not. SGENE® delivers body conforming stretch and unsurpassed recovery without sacrificing incredibly soft hand feel or resistance to radical finishing techniques. The secret is in our patented multiple core yarns.
Using multiple stretch components, SGENE® mirrors movement without constraint. SGENE’s® superior fit offers the ultimate in comfort, but never reveals its secret.


VaraBlue’s fabrics are engineered to achieve unlimited color options using a unique garment dyeing procedure that simulates the look of traditional denim. VaraBlue denims are produced out of Cone Denim’s historic White Oak plant in North Carolina.


In the spirit of classic bespoken tailors, Hendry Bishop focuses on offering customized clothing for today’s modern active lifestyles.  Hendry Bishop sees clothing from a unique point of view.  We are not bound to traditional dressing paradigms.  We do not believe that fabrics limit themselves to one type clothing or another.  Instead, we believe that today, people carry forward their lifestyle to any occasion.