Using a focused approach, the Cone® 3D group brings together over a century of denim expertise with deep science, emerging technologies and market insights to provide customers with sustainable innovations and truly unique product solutions.

Cone® 3D refers to Denim, Design, and Development.   By focusing these key elements within a scientific, yet creative environment,  Cone® 3D acts as a research incubator for new technologies taking product innovation to the next level.

The innovation efforts of Cone® 3D are focused in the areas of performance, comfort, uniqueness, and sustainability.  Breakthrough initiatives include identifying new fibers and raw materials, incorporating distinctive fiber blends and fabric constructions, and engineering unique process technologies — all supported by sustainable practices throughout the denim lifecycle.

Cone® 3D is a global initiative supported across an international platform with the unique ability to innovate and style with distinct creativity, precision and control.  Cone Denim’s vast global resources and partnerships provide Cone® 3D the platform to identify emerging technologies and processes that drive development across the globe according to customer needs and platform capabilities.

Newest Innovations

Cone Denim’s legacy of R&D leadership dates back to the early 1900s and continues to develop revolutionary denims for today’s lifestyles.  Innovations include:

  • Patented S-Gene® technology – sets a new global standard for stretch denim with core spun yarns and constructions that create denim with maximum range of motion and superior recovery.
  • Level II S-Gene® technology – takes the dual-core stretch technology of S-Gene to the next level with increased stretch and recovery power for even greater shape conformity and slimming effect.
  • Sustainblue™ collection – includes denims made from recycled and sustainable fibers.  Under a proprietary relationship with Patrick Yarn Mills, recycled yarns derived from domestic plastic containers such as brown beer bottles, green soda bottles, and blue water bottles create a new type of sustainable and aesthetic denim.
  • ConeTouch™ innovation – enhances the stretch and natural-like comfort of denim with a new REPREVE®-based technology that creates soft-hand denims with the added benefit of recycled appeal and enhanced performance.
  • Varablue™ color denims – achieves unlimited color options using a unique garment dyeing procedure that simulates the look of traditional denim