Burlington Labs



Burlington® Labs

Burlington® Labs discovers implements and promotes proprietary emerging technology within the Burlington group and across ITG and its global partners, providing a continuous stream of differentiated solutions to the marketplace.


Burlington® Lab brand

In today’s fast-paced global economy, recognizable brands and trademarks are more valuable than ever. The Burlington brand exemplifies high quality and performance, adding value to labeled products.  The strength and innovation of Burlington Labs branded technologies helps to expand and promote evolutionary products that enhance the reputation of your business.


Testing Capabilities

Burlington Labs is a world leader in the R & D of next generation textile products and solutions. Our facilities, based out of Burlington, NC, offer many testing capabilities that differentiate and expand the research opportunities across many diverse markets and products.  Testing capabilities include:

Activewear – UPF, Air Permeability, Hydrostatic, Breathability and Rain Testing

Cleanroom / Laundry – Helmke Drum, Body Box, Pore Size, Static Decay and Surface Resistivity

Military / Uniform – FR, High Visibility, Dynamic Absorption, Chemical Penetration Tests and Ewing Washer

Medical / Barrier – Industrial Washer / Dryer and Vacuum Steam Sterilizer

Microbiological Lab – Viral (F1671) and Blood (F1670) Penetration, AATCC 100, AATCC 147, ASTM E2149

Analytical – Electron and Optical Microscopy, Thermal Analysis, Liquid Chromatography

Contract Fabrics – FR and Wyzenbeek

Fabric Analysis – Fiber ID, Cross-Sectional Analysis, Yarn, Twist and Construction



Newest Innovations

Since then 1920s when Burlington first experimented with the then new fiber, rayon, the name Burlington has been synonymous with product innovation and solutions.    That entrepreneurial spirit continues today within Burlington Labs forging new ground and bringing the latest in textile solutions to the market.  Some of our newest innovations include:






No Fly Zone®
Insect repellent technology that works as an odorless contact insecticide and repellent. It is effective against mosquitoes, ticks, ants, chiggers, flies and midges.

Durepel® Plus
A unique water and stain repellent finish with exceptional durability and maximum protection, even after repeated washings.

Durepel Eco
A highly durable, environmentally engineered finish that provides water repellency free of fluorocarbon compounds.

Invisible Barrier
Liquid and stain repellency for wool and wool blends with unprecedented durability to dry cleaning

MCS® Adaptive
Moisture control system® that transports moisture depending on environmental conditions to cool you off or keep you warm

MCS® Blocker
Moisture control system® that absorbs and moves moisture away from the body and dries quickly while providing excellent UV protection

MCS® Soil Release
Moisture control system® that absorbs and moves moisture away from the body while allowing most ground in stains to be easily removed and preventing soil from re-depositing

MCS® Moisture Control System
Moisture control system® that absorbs and moves moisture away from the body and dries quickly

Minimizes odor, provides hygienic freshness, maintains the ecological balance and prevents the deterioration and discoloration of fabrics
Four Technologies Utilized:
Silane Based Quaternary Ammonium
Synatural Cool
A permanent, high performance polyester fiber technology utilizing a cross sectional fiber that speeds up moisture adsorption and diffusion. Synatural™ Cool fabrics are comfortable, soft, dry and breatheable.

A technology that uses millions of active particles to capture and release moisture vapor – helping you zone in on a personal microclimate of ideal relative humidity and core body temperature for maximum performance.

Sigma 4 Star
Enhanced FR protection that uses a revolutionary, proprietary 4 fiber blend and offers the highest thermal protective properties with exceptional comfort and durability

Body Shield®
Patent-pending FR composite technology for soft and hard shell garments that provides the highest level of thermal protective performance

Versatech® FR, Stealth
Patent-pending flame resistant technology engineered into fabrics that are windproof, highly water resistant with exceptional breatheability, lighweight, packable and durable

PBI Max®
Strongest outershell in the world that provides maximum mobility, comfort and durability

A revolutionary technology that allows worsted trousers and garments to be engineered as truly washable for the life of the garment

Fluid resistant, reusable surgical fabrics, ideal for all applications of the medical market

Made from solution dyed Satura® Max yarns, this fabric retains color and strength in severe outdoor exposure

A high tech composite system that combines innovative fabrics, laminated films, and adhesive technology for superior waterproofness, breathability and comfort. Xalt HC uses this technology to provide protection against both viral and synthetic blood penetration.

C Class®
High performance, reusable contamination control fabrics, that are engineered for cleanroom manufacturing environments. These non-linting particle contamination barrier fabrics also offer a high degree of surface resistivity and static decay protection.